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Mon, 2nd Jun 2014

Learning to Learn

school child learning (c)  Phil Roeder / Greenwood Elementary School

Making brainwaves: from how babies' brains develop, to how children learn language and even unravelling the adolescent mind, this month's live show panel of guests walk us through how we learn to learn! Plus, popping balloons shows why teenagers take risks, and some practical tips to improve your short term memory…

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  • 21:40 - Can you boost your memory?

    Can computer games boost memory? Are there tricks to help people with ADHD or dyslexia? And what does anxiety do to your memory capacity?

  • 36:39 - How do children grasp science reasoning?

    How do children learn about physics and scientific reasoning? And do those with autism learn about the world in a different way?

  • 45:50 - The teenage brain

    What exactly is going on in the teenage brain? We uncover the risky, moody behaviour associated with the adolescent years.



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