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Sat, 21st Jun 2014

Ready for Kick Off...

Football Crowd (c) Jon Candy

England might be out of the World Cup this week, but thousands of fans are still cheering their teams on across Brazil. But how does chanting change the behaviour of a football crowd? Why do free kicks and penalties still come down to good old physics? And how can economists use data from the pitch to see whether discrimination still exists in the beatuiful game? Plus, in the news, why scientists have blown up a mountain in Chile, why you could get addicted to sunshine, and are electronic cigarettes safe?

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  • 00:59 - Boom! Mountain makes way for a telescope

    This week, 3000 metres up a Chilean mountain, scientists pressed the button to blow up half a million tonnes of rock....

  • 07:51 - UV is addictive

    American scientists warn that sun worshippers risk becoming addicted to the ultra violet rays in sunshine.

  • 14:02 - The Lethal Injection

    This week the USA has carried out its first executions since a botched lethal injection in April. But how does the lethal injection work?

  • 16:47 - Electronic cigarette saftey

    Electronic cigarette are currently unregulated - so who's using them, do they help people quit smoking, and are they safe?

  • 33:32 - What football teaches economists

    Some scientists are taking data from the football pitch and analysing it to see how the rest of us interact in the real world...

  • 39:20 - The physics of football

    However much you might blame Rooney or Gerrard for Englandís recent football disasters, a lot of it comes down to plain old physics...

  • 44:53 - World Cup linked to domestic violence

    New data has been published that suggests reported incidences of domestic violence increase after an England football match...

  • 50:57 - Why do people have different sneezes?

    Why do people sneeze differently? Is there a reason I cannot change my sneeze to be a quiet one? Are there any connections between personality/sex and your type of sneeze? Thanks. Nathan French



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