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Mon, 14th Jul 2014

Returning to the Moon: Apollo 45 years on

Moon flag (c) NASA / Neil A. Armstrong

We celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission by asking, should we return to the moon? What scientific knowledge could be gained by going back? Will Google's Lunar X prize mean a robotoic presence by 2015? And who owns the moon? Plus, in the news, electronic circuits printed by inkjet, genes for maths and reading ability, computer programmes to pinpoint disease food-poisoning outbreaks, and can elephants cry?

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  • 10:03 - Smallpox

    US government this week discovered vials of smallpox virus whilst cleaning out an old storeroom.

  • 13:16 - Tracking down food poisoning culprits

    Computer scientists at IBM have discovered a way to use food sales information to pinpoint the sources of food-poisoning...

  • 17:40 - Can elephants cry?

    A conservation group published an image of an elephant that appeared to be crying - is that possible?

  • 23:52 - What is the Moon made of?

    One of the greatest legacies of Apollo 11 is the 383 kilos of moon rock that the astronauts lugged back to Earth. What have they taught us?

  • 28:55 - Should we mine the Moon?

    Today many countries are competing to return to the Moon, including China, Japan and India. But what are they all racing for?

  • 35:09 - Robots on the moon: Google Lunar XPrize

    The Google Lunar XPrize is offering $30 million to anyone who can send a robot to the moon, move it 500m and beam back footage to Earth...

  • 41:01 - Who owns the Moon?

    We heard all about grand plans to further explore the lunar surface and to mine the moon, but who, if anyone, has the right to do so?

  • 46:33 - Should humans return to the Moon?

    o human has visited the lunar surface since December 1972 - Is it time we went back?



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If we do return, +45 years on, that flag is almost certainly bleached white now by UV exposure ... RD, Wed, 23rd Jul 2014

Censoring visitor comments? What kind of racket are you guys running here? We still didn't go to the moon. Dan Taylor, Fri, 1st Aug 2014

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