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Mon, 4th Aug 2014

The brightest light in the Universe

Diamond Light Source (c) Diamond Light Source

This week, we hear how one of the brightest lights in the Universe is helping scientists to build better jet engines, fight off antibiotic resistant bacteria and read the biochemical make-up of long-dead dinosaurs. Plus, how fears and phobias can pass from parent to child in a smell, why first impressions really do count, and also the physics of being a lead guitarist...  

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  • 01:07 - What does your face say about you?

    What does your face say about you? Science says we form an opinion of who a person is based on their facial features in a tenth of a second.

  • 07:08 - Cannabis rewires the brain

    Long-term marijuana use rewires the brain, making it less sensitive to the feel-good chemical dopamine...

  • 11:44 - The Ebola Virus

    We answer your questions on what Ebola is, how it spreads and its symptoms...

  • 17:44 - Driverless Cars

    It has been announced by the government that driverless cars will be trialed on the roads of the UK by January 2015.

  • 20:27 - The smell of fear

    Babies can learn what to fear just by smelling the odor of their distressed mothers, new research suggests.

  • 26:02 - The science of playing guitar

    Every wondered what makes a great guitar solo? Oxford's Dr David Robert Grimes has been looking at the science behind playing the guitar.

  • 31:09 - How do synchrotrons work?

    Synchrotrons are powerful machines that tell us about the fabric of the world around us but how do they actually work?

  • 35:28 - Super strong airplane engines

    Airplane jet engines operate at 1500C - hotter than the melting point of metals - so how do they still work?

  • 53:13 - Spontaneous human combustion possible?

    This is for the Naked Scientist, a weird occurrence in Soweto took place about Two Weeks ago were a young man of about 20 years suddenly started burning, he was nowhere near fire (Heater, Stove or anything of that sort) but his clothes literally caught flames and he is now admitt...



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