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Mon, 11th Aug 2014

Food for Thought!

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The Naked Scientists have food on the brain this week, as we hear about how sound can affect taste, why our mood can be changed by what we eat, and we try out some unusual flavour combinations. And in the news; why grizzly bears may help us in the fight against diabetes, the comet chaser that has finally reached its target, and self-assembling origami robots...

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  • 01:02 - Origami robots

    Scientists have made origami-inspired robots that are capable of folding and unfolding themselves.

  • 05:22 - Bears can "turn off" diabetes

    Obese bears might help further our understanding of how to treat the growing epidemic of type 2 diabetes.

  • 18:39 - School of hard hacks

    Children in Britain are going to be taught computer programming in schools as part of the new curriculum in September.

  • 22:44 - The science of combining flavours

    Why do foods like lamb and mint sauce go so well together, while other combinations cause us to cringe?

  • 29:35 - Making sense of taste

    It's now a well known fact that noses contribute a lot to our sense of flavour, but what about our ears?

  • 36:41 - Why we feel full

    What signals does our gut send our brain once we've eaten enough?

  • 43:47 - Food and mood

    The microbes inside of our stomachs may be affecting our mood, and even behaviour...

  • 49:23 - Why can't I concentrate if I can hear music?

    Right now, I'm listening to music, but that's OK because I finished work hours ago. I find that I can't work with music playing as all my attention is on the music and it distracts me. On the other hand, I have friends who can't work unless they have music, at loud volume, bla...



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