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Mon, 18th Aug 2014

The Future of Medicine

Drugs (c) Brandon Giesbrecht

We're exploring the move away from a 'one size fits all' approach to medicine, towards health care that's tailored to a person’s unique genetic makeup. We've been down to the Sanger Institute to see how genes are sequenced and how we can use this information for treatment as well as for better diagnoses. Plus, we’ll be hearing about the origins of the moon, how plants are surprisingly chatty, and also how chemistry has unraveled some mysteries about Egyptian mummies. 

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  • 10:44 - 'Talking' Plants

    New research is showing that plants aren't such shrinking violets, and are communicating with each other through exchange of proteins.

  • 16:42 - Obesity blamed for 12,000 cancers a year

    Expanding waist lines puts people at greater risk of developing ten of the most common cancers.

  • 22:20 - How Genes Are Sequenced

    Genes can determine everything about you - past, present and future - but how are they sequenced?

  • 28:27 - Personalised Diagnostics

    A gene that could cause a heart attack in one person, could have no effect on another. What could this mean for the future of diagonsis?

  • 35:23 - SWAN UK

    How do you treat someone if you don't know what they have? SWAN UK works with families whose children have undiagnosed conditions.

  • 37:00 - Facial Recognition for Diagnoses

    How facial recognition technology is helping diagnose rare diseases.

  • 42:32 - Keeping Your Genome Safe

    Sequencing your genes may mean better treatment but what happens to your genome once it has been sequenced? How is it stored?

  • 50:13 - Do emotional or pain-induced tears differ?

    Do emotional or pain-induced tears differ? Is it possible to test tears and deduce if they are related to physical pain or emotion, if so what is the difference between the two? Thanks :)



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I like this this Show, specially part about Egyptian Mummies' secrets.

Facebook like box WordPress !! Coming soon WordPress jimojan, Sat, 30th Aug 2014

Hi Jimojan,

Thanks for your feedback - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Graihagh graihagh, Thu, 11th Sep 2014

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