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Mon, 25th Aug 2014

The Naked Scientists in New Zealand

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Dr Chris Smith goes down under for this special report from New Zealand. In this podcast we discuss lasers that are helping us understand how molocules are formed, using viruses as antibiotics and the possibility of life on Mars. Plus, looking at video game therapy, where Ebola and HIV came from, and the world of bumblebee real estate. New Zealand

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  • 00:53 - Problem solving lasers

    Lasers are helping to create energy by using the suns rays.

  • 08:41 - Life on Mars

    Did our closest planetary neighbour ever habour life? And how would we ever find it?

  • 17:21 - Love thy virus

    Bacteria are getting more and more resistant to antibiotics like penicillin. A way around this might be to use viruses to attack bacteria.

  • 25:20 - Video game therapy

    New ideas in treating mental illness such as depression could mean that video games replace the iconic psychiatrist chair.

  • 33:06 - Outbreak Origins

    How did Ebola and HIV first infect humans? Analysing viral DNA holds the answers to their evolutionary history.

  • 40:03 - Mutual Microbes

    You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. A motto you may not expect in the microbial world, but evidence has been found of mutual microbes..

  • 45:34 - Plight of the bumblebee

    Honeybees are used worldwide as pollinators, but as numbers dwindle their price is increasing. Could bumblebees hold the answer?



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