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Sat, 20th Sep 2014

Can you 3D print me a new kidney?

3d-glasses (c)  Matt Neale

This week, are we on the verge of being able to print a new kidney or liver? And will every home soon have a machine in it to make medicines so we don’t need to head off to the chemist for a dose of antibiotics? This is the world of 3D printing and we’ll show you what it promises to deliver... Plus, in the news, is fracking contaminating underground water or is it just leaky pipes? And a new breakthrough therapy for multiple sclerosis...

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  • 19:55 - What is 3D printing?

    How does a 3D printer actually work? We go through the basics and find out what 3D printing might mean for our futures.

  • 25:20 - Could you 3D print a spare kidney?

    With enormous waiting lists for replacement livers and kidneys, could 3D printing be an eventual solution to organ donor shortages?

  • 30:05 - Printing parts for planes

    Jet engines have their work cut out keeping entire planes in the air. This means making strong, durable parts is very important.

  • 33:31 - Making a brick as light as a feather

    3D printing can also be used at the nano-scale, creating scaffolding which can be used to give materials new properties, like springy clay.

  • 40:03 - Printing out your own pain killers

    Could 3D printers ever save us a trip to the pharmacy by allowing us to print out prescription drugs at home?

  • 44:34 - The 3D-printed fruit factory

    Cambridge based company Dovetailed have developed a process to print fruit, including ones that don’t even exist, like the “honeyberry”.

  • 50:03 - How is self cleaning glass made?

    Hello I am a year 12 Student at Salisbury High School and I am doing an assignment on Nanotechnology, self-cleaning glass. I have a question: "How is self cleaning glass made?" It will be greatly appreciated if you can possibly provide any information. Thank-You from Nikki



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