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Sat, 27th Sep 2014

Alien Hunters: The Search for ET

Life (c) Gfpeck

This week, is there anybody out there? We’re pushing at the boundaries of science in the search for ET. We take a magnifying glass to the big questions: what is life, where can we find it and could we ever communicate with it? Plus, the blood test that can tell you how long you’ll take to recover from surgery, a new mussel-inspired glue that even works underwater and, 76 years after penicillin was first discovered, how scientists are combating antibiotic resistance…

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  • 00:58 - Recovery time from surgery foretold

    Some people take a week to recovery from surgery, other months. But why? And can we tell who will recover fastest?

  • 05:07 - Big Bang dustup

    Planck has published data which might contradict BICEP's claimed discovery of gravity waves from the Big Bang...



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