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Mon, 13th Oct 2014

Will climate change cost the Earth?

Climate change (c)  Mario Piperni, on Flickr

What does climate change have in store for the future? What will it mean for the man, or woman, in the street? How will it hit the global economy, and what can businesses do to fight back? This week, we hear the perspectives of a climate specialist, an economist, a psychologist and a technologist as we ask, "what are the costs of climate change?" Plus, in the news, the emerging ebola crisis, tastier beers coming on tap thanks to fruit flies, and a breakthrough in prosthetic arm technology...

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  • 12:58 - Brain controlled prosthetic arm

    A Swedish truck driver has become the first person to receive a new design of prosthetic arm that is mounted directly onto the bone...

  • 19:50 - Insights into early stars

    A younger galaxy might hold the key to solving the mystery of light in the universe.

  • 44:07 - Combating climate change with computers

    Computers account for between 2-6% of global CO2 emissions, but can energy-efficient microchips help?

  • 50:07 - How can I avoid being struck by lightning?

    Hi, I am from south Africa. I was struck by lightning twice while I was on the telephone. Once while in a rural area, the other while surrounded by buildings. On both occasions my ears were ringing for days and the pain was excruciating. What I wish to know is, was I just unluc...



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