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Tue, 28th Oct 2014

Transport of Tomorrow

Fly me to the moon (c) Robert Couse-Baker

Over the next 50 years, getting to work on time or heading out to the hinterlands for your family holiday will become much, much easier - and perhaps, even pleasurable. We're journeying into the not so distant future, to a world where cars drive themselves, drones deliver your pizzas and people holiday in space. The next generation of transportation is very nearly here, and we’re taking a magnifying glass to some of the most exciting developments. Plus, we shine a new light on diabetes treatment, a cheap and quick test for ebola, and how physics can prevent ingrowing toenails...

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  • 00:55 - Ebola drug could also fight norovirus

    Favipiravir - a trial drug currently being tested against Ebola and influenza - has successfully treated norovirus infection in mice.

  • 04:47 - Predicting solar eruptions

    Scientists have modeled and predicted a solar storm, which could have implications in protecting us against severe space weather events.

  • 18:51 - The physics of toenail-cutting

    How should you shape your nails? Physicists have been calculating the optimal frequency and shape to stop ingrown nails...

  • 21:35 - Drones that can 3d-print...

    Engineers turn to the natural world for ideas to create robots that can fly, 3D print and repair buildings in drone swarms...

  • 28:32 - Driverless cars

    Cars that drive themselves are very nearly here! We went to test out Volvo's prototype that's being released to the streets in two years...

  • 36:14 - The future of flight

    What does the future hold for travel? Check-in by robot? Transparent fuselage? Airbus tell us what's to come...

  • 41:32 - Space tourism

    The space age is upon us, with Virgin Galactic offering tickets to space for $250,000 but when will it become the norm?

  • 49:06 - How will life end on Earth?

    What will cause the end of life on planet Earth? Will it be the when the sun dies or something else?



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