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Tue, 4th Nov 2014

Supernatural Science

Birds (c) Jonhnathan Nightingale

Do you believe in ghosts? For Halloween the Naked Scientists take a look at the spooky science of the supernatural. Is there evidence that paranormal beings exist and why do so many people believe in them? How do out-of-body experiences happen? What causes coincidences? Where did werewolves and vampires come from? And what tricks do magicians use to fool your senses? Join us for an eerie exploration of how the mind can create nightmarish experiences and mysterious beliefs...

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  • 01:54 - Uncovering the paranormal

    Tales from a scientist investigating haunted houses, ghostly recordings and self-proclaimed psychics...

  • 16:06 - Out of body experiences

    We examine the science behind out-of-body experiences, and even induce one in an unsuspecting audience member!

  • 30:12 - The maths of coincidence

    David Spiegelhalter discusses why seemingly unlikely events occur all the time- although not often to him!

  • 41:27 - The psychology of magic

    Magic tricks amaze and intrigue us, but the psychology behind these illusions is just as fascinating...



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Q.Where did werewolves come from?

A. hypertrichosis ?

Here is a possible origin of nosferatu-type vampire myth ... RD, Tue, 4th Nov 2014

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