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Tue, 11th Nov 2014

Combating Cancer

Tropic of Cancer (c) anurag agnihotri

This week, the latest breakthroughs in cancer including blood tests to pick up the disease much earlier, new genetic treatments to trigger tumours to kill themselves, and a laser technique to zap cancers in hard-to-reach places. Plus, in the news, why working the night shift can curb your intellect, a super-enzyme that could cut millions off energy bills and the gut bacteria that keep you trim...

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  • 41:28 - Zapping cancer with lasers

    Could combining lasers with a mini version of the Large Hadron Collider provide a treatment for cancer?

  • 48:10 - The mental scars of cancer

    With cancer diagnosis and treatments improving, more and more people are surviving cancer. We explore the mental scars that are left behind.

  • 53:45 - Why did my facial hair grow back white?

    Chris, I am a huge fan of your podcast and I've thoroughly addicted many of my colleagues here in Canada. Recently I've participated in Movember a fundraiser nation wide for cancer research in which men raise money by growing a moustache, beard, or any combination of facial ha...



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