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Tue, 18th Nov 2014

Inside the Ebola Epidemic

Quarantine (c)

Ebola has rocked the world in 2014, but why has this outbreak been so devastating? This week we get inside Ebola to find out about the virus itself, and how it causes disease and spreads. We talk to healthcare and charity workers on the ground in West Africa to find out what is being done to stem the epidemic; we catch up on progress towards a vaccine and we hear how the virus is also crippling gorilla populations. Plus, in the news, the latest on the Rosetta mission and how Wikipedia can reveal what diseases are circulating and where...

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  • 01:09 - Landing on a Comet

    European space scientists made history when they landed a probe onto the surface of a comet, but not everything went to plan.

  • 06:19 - Predicting outbreaks with the Internet

    By monitoring Wikipedia, scientists can predict outbreaks of diseases up to a month before they emerge in waiting rooms...

  • 10:37 - Lightning strikes set to increase

    Lightning looks set to strike twice as often in future thanks to global warming, a new study predicts...

  • 14:46 - Switching off!

    UK University energy bills are more than 400 million per year. Cambridge University is running 'Switch off Week' to cut its costs...

  • 19:02 - What is Ebola?

    What is Ebola and how is it transmitted? How is it treated and where did the current outbreak come from?

  • 23:45 - The fight against Ebola

    We hear from someone in a new treatment clinic in Sierra Leone, lending their hand to the fight against Ebola.



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