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Tue, 16th Dec 2014

The End of the World?

Dinosaur (c) epSos .de

Mass Extinction! 250 million years ago nearly all life on Earth ended. Back from the brink, history then repeated itself with the disappearance of the dinosaurs 60 million years ago. So are we next? Plus news of how a comet smash could have kick-started life on Earth, whether e-cigarettes are safe, and why science and medical reporting in the media might be untrustworthy...

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  • 00:58 - How did life get started on Earth?

    Using a laser to recreate comet and asteroid impacts on the early Earth, scientists have discovered the chemical origins of life...

  • 05:48 - E-cigarettes: What are the risks?

    E-cigarette use continues to grow. But are health claims and boosts in quit rates all smoke and mirrors, or based on sound science?

  • 22:41 - Fancy popping an anti-fat pill?

    With the Christmas party season in full swing, some of us may be piling on the pounds. Could popping a pill melt away that unsightly flab?

  • 27:57 - Did humans kill the giant kangaroos?

    Giant marsupials used to roam Australia, but when humans arrived 60 000 years ago, they suddenly became extinct. Did humans kill them?



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