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Tue, 6th Jan 2015

Dissolving teaspoons: Naked in Wellington

Gallium teaspoon (c)

Dissolving teaspoons, plants that sunbathe, stopping multiple sclerosis, the ARGO floats that monitor the oceans, global warming in Antarctica, and using computers to find Kiwis. Chris Smith and Simon Morton meet some of Wellington's finest researchers, including nanoscientist Nicola Gaston, plant scientist Jason Wargent, MS specialist Anne La Flamme, ocean scientist Philip Sutton, climate researcher Tim Naish and computer scientist Ed Abraham.

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  • 01:02 - Gallium nanoparticles and better chips

    Apart from a dissolving teaspoon, the element gallium might hold the key to making more powerful processors for computers...

  • 09:26 - Why plants love UV

    Plants thrive on UV, but why? And how can their responses to these high-energy wavelengths of light be used to boost growth and yield?

  • 16:13 - New drugs for multiple sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis is a condition caused by immune cells attacking parts of the nervous system. Now there are two new drugs to treat it...

  • 23:47 - Project ARGO - monitoring Earth's oceans

    Argo is a system of 3600 floating mini-laboratories observing the temperatures, salinity, and currents in the oceans. What are they finding?



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