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Tue, 13th Jan 2015

Fighting Fat with Science

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Are you sitting comfortably? Well you might want to stand up because we’ll be hearing sitting is the new smoking! We’re also taking a look at the science behind weight loss and why shedding extra pounds is so difficult. Plus news of why colds really do prefer the cold, why most of the world’s fossil fuels need to stay in the ground if we’re to meet climate change targets, and home from home: how scientists have discovered Earth’s twin, deep in outer space...

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  • 13:41 - A new Earth-like planet

    A new planet has been discovered by the Kepler telescope, which is the most similar to earth yet, and could even host life.

  • 17:54 - New antibiotic breakthrough

    The first new antibiotic discovery in years could be a new hope against the growing threat from antibiotic resistance.

  • 44:19 - Is sitting the new smoking?

    Is your sofa killing you? Research is increasingly suggesting that our sedentary lifestyles are hugely detrimental to our long-term health.

  • 49:40 - Q&A: the science of dieting

    The panel answer some audience questions about the 5:2 diet, keeping to resolutions and whether WHEN you eat is important.

  • 56:02 - Do we really need vitamins?

    We’re always told that we need vitamins and minerals in our diets because I've been wondering what they really are. What happens to them when they get inside our bodies if we can store them and what happens if we don’t get enough of them?



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