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Tue, 20th Jan 2015

The Secrets of Sleep

Sleep (c) Becky Wetherington

Most people spend around a third of their lives asleep, and yet we know almost nothing about what goes on in the land of nod. So this week we’re going "under the covers" to investigate the science of sleeping including hearing from sleep talkers, probing the world of lucid dreaming and finding out what sleep deprivation does to the brain. Plus, in the news, the missing Beagle 2 probe is pinpointed, how the ingredients for life on Earth could have been cooked up in comets, and the computer that knows you better than your best friend...

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Full Transcript

  • 01:07 - Beagle 2 found

    12 years after it went missing on Mars, the Beagle 2 probe has been found unharmed...

  • 07:07 - Facebook knows you better than a friend

    How well do your friends know you? A computer that uses Facebook "likes" is a better predictor of your personality than your mum...

  • 30:57 - Sleep talking: Why do we do it?

    Almost all of us will at some point blurt out nonsense during our sleep, but why do we say what we say?

  • 38:22 - Fighting off sleepiness

    Sleep deprivation: an unfortunate reality in people's lives. Soldiers live on just 4 hours sleep a night for months on end, but how...?



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