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Tue, 3rd Feb 2015

Outnumbered: Are your bacteria controlling you?

Microbiome (c)

This week, why we’re passengers in our own bodies, outnumbered by our resident bacteria. We explore how these bugs can alter your brain and behaviour, and “trans-poo-sion”: the poo-transplant process that might save your life! Plus, why the chances of ET existing have rocketed this week, and signs that birds count the same way we do...

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  • 41:21 - Do gut bugs affect your brain?

    Neurologists are starting to look at gut bugs because there may be a link between your microbiome and your mental state...

  • 47:33 - Trans-poo-sion: the faecal transplant

    Faecal transplants, or "transpoosions", might be a way to restore good bacteria to your insides. But will people be able to stomach this?



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