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Tue, 10th Feb 2015

Meet the Doctors of Love!

Love (c) Franck Mahon

This week, how to hack online dating, the way to maximise your chances on that crucial first date, what makes couples compatible, and the giveaway signs of fertility in the female voice. Plus, in the news, how late-night texting and Facebook-checking is affecting the sleep of young people, the Dutch chimps that now speak Scottish, and why chemistry teachers have a lesson to learn about one of the world’s most popular classroom experiments...

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  • 13:29 - Do chimps have regional accents?

    Would a Scottish chimp and Dutch chimp be able to converse with one another?

  • 19:01 - Remote controlled sperm

    How sperm gear themselves up to fertilise an egg is very difficult to study. But now remote controlled sperm shed light on the issue...



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