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Tue, 17th Feb 2015

Your Smartphone: What's it Saying to Cyber-Criminals?

Smartphone hacking (c) Geralt

This week, how weíre haemorrhaging personal information through our smartphones. We hear how snoopers can eavesdrop on your mobile signals while youíre out in public to track down your home address. A computer scientist tells us what he discovered on a bunch of second-hand mobile phones picked up off eBay, and the website that grades the threat's you face from any app yu install. Plus, the stories making the headlines from the world of science and technology, including figuring out how much dark matter is in the Milky Way, and a breath test to diagnose Parkinsonís Disease...

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  • 12:07 - Dark matter detected in the Milky Way

    Scientists have found the best evidence yet that the centre of our galaxy contains significant amounts of dark matter.

  • 16:19 - FameLab: DNA Sequencing

    This month, Cambridge scientists are battling it out in an effort to become the city's FameLab champion! We hear from the semi-finalist...

  • 20:53 - A breath test for Parkinson's

    Parkinson's Disease is extremely hard to diagnose but scientists have been trialing a breath test in mice, which is showing promise...

  • 24:35 - Is your phone leaking personal data?

    Most of us know we need antivirus software on our PCs, but what about our phones? Why do we need to protect them and how do we do it?

  • 29:51 - Apps are selling your personal data

    Why does a gaming app needs to know your location? It might be tracking you - even when you're not using it - and selling this information

  • 35:13 - Got your WiFi turned on? Error!

    How leaving your WiFi 'on' is haemorrhaging personal information to the world, like where you eat, sleep and work...

  • 50:51 - Are smartphones changing our brains?

    Iíve heard that London cab drivers get bigger parts of their brain from having to know where all the roads are and Iím wondering if the bit of my brain that makes my right thumb type text messages on my phone might also be changing?



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