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Tue, 24th Feb 2015

Marijuana: Risk or Remedy?

Cannabis (c) Matthew Kenwrick

Cannabis is as controversial as it is complicated. Hundreds of chemicals reside inside the plant; unpicking the various dangers and medical benefits of these compounds is helping scientists to work on treatments for diseases, and to understand how best to prevent the negative effects of the drug. Plus in the news, the new breed of chemicals that are putting our ozone layer at risk and why teenage sperms are more likely to be mutants.

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  • 09:35 - FameLab: Astrobiology

    This month, Cambridge scientists are battling it out in an effort to become the city's FameLab champion! We hear from the semi-finalist.

  • 14:16 - Teenagers produce more mutant sperm

    A new study claims that teenage dads might be more likely to have babies with birth defects.

  • 18:14 - Measuring the world's happiness

    Do you use more happy phrases in a day? A new study shows that languages are biased towards more positive words.

  • 23:03 - What is cannabis?

    You've probably heard a lot about weed, and maybe even tried it, but how much do you know about the controversial plant?

  • 29:22 - Medical uses of marijuana

    Why do the chemicals from marijuana affect our brains and are there any medical applications for these compounds?

  • 36:22 - Could cannabis cure cancer?

    Chemicals in cannabis have shown promising results in halting the growth of cancerous cells in the lab. But will this translate into a cure?

  • 43:33 - Skunk and schizophrenia

    Many headlines report on the risk of cannabis users developing schizophrenia, but the real story is much more complicated...

  • 49:26 - Q&A: Researching cannabis

    The panel discuss the various frustrations and complications of working with such a controversial plant.



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I think cannabis is not for everyone. It is for thoses seeking conscious freedom. Marijuana pharmacology has the capacity to protect brain cells and facilitate higher levels of consciousness. I smoke cannabis since I'm 16 and I still love how it relieves me from stress and the oppression of the outer world. Marijuana primary function is emancipation from psychological slavery and global tyranny. Using cannabis makes you a resistant and a survivor of psychological warfare. We're living in a world of oppression and to experience freedom requires the mental capacity of self-emancipation.


tkadm30, Sun, 23rd Oct 2016

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