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Tue, 3rd Mar 2015

Eureka! Experiments that Changed the World

Archimedes (c)

From Archimedes leaping from his bath shouting Eureka, to Isaac Newton's falling apples and Volta's piles that produced electricity on tap, this week we recreate some of the scientific experiments that changed the way we view the world. Join Ginny Smith and Chris Smith on a journey through two thousand years of discovery that includes bricks on ropes, a singing Solar System, a hydrogen detonation and a spectroscope...

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  • 30:11 - Recreating Volta's Pile battery

    We couldn't live without electricity. Italian inventor Alessandro Volta discovered how to harness its power with his famous Voltaic Pile...

  • 36:45 - Seeing the stars with spectroscopy

    Spectroscopes have been used to discover what stars and planets are made of, as well as to find new elements here on earth.

  • 44:54 - How many bacteria live on your hands?

    What was growing on the hands of the Naked Scientists? And how effective is hand washing at dislodging these microbial passengers?

  • 51:56 - How do our memories work?

    Do you think you have a good memory? Then take part in our version of one of the oldest recorded psychology experiments.



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