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Tue, 10th Mar 2015

The Life Parasitic

Frog with extra legs (c) Brett A. Goodman, Pieter T. J. Johnson

This week, the world of parasites. We find out what's living in you and on you, how these invaders hijack your immune system and how they can even control the behaviours and body shapes of their hosts. Plus, in the news, the oldest remains of our first human ancestors are uncovered in Ethiopia, scientists weigh a stegosaurus, and NASA's Dawn probe reaches the dwarf planet Ceres, but what awaits it there...?

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  • 31:06 - Malarial mind-control

    The malaria parasite manipulates mosquitoes to make them more likely to feast on certain people and raise infection rates...

  • 35:39 - Frogs' legs, anyone?

    What caused a flurry of deformed frogs across the US in the 1990s?

  • 41:58 - Parasites tricking the immune system

    When our body fights back, many parasites have ways of flying under the radar. Rick Maizels tells us more...

  • 45:57 - Therapeutic parasites

    People living apart from parasites could be causing diseases and allergies. Could scientists turn parasites into pills to fix the problem?



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