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Mon, 6th Apr 2015

Egg-cellent Easter Science

Easter eggs (c)  Jan Herbert

We lay on some topical Easter science, including a breakthrough in how to unboil an egg, the genetically modified chickens that canít catch bird flu and why the Easter bunny might be knocked off his perch by a toucan. Plus, a chocolate teapot and some "egg-speriments" you can try at home... 

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  • 09:10 - The Easter bunny

    Where does the Easter Bunny get his eggs from? Because we all know rabbits don't lay eggs... right?

  • 14:43 - Eggsperiment 2: Naked eggs

    Surprise friends with a weird, squishy egg that has lost the hard parts of its shell.

  • 25:16 - The plant that resurrects

    Resurrection is a key symbol of Easter, but some plants can do it at any time of year, which could be key to a new breed of vaccine.

  • 30:45 - Eggsperiment 3: An egg in a bottle

    A crafty way of getting a hard boiled egg into a milk bottle without touching it. Beware: results may vary!



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