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Mon, 13th Apr 2015

Defying Death...

The Story of an Old Man (c) Kalani Odum

The impact of modern medicine is drastically changing our concept of death. Increasingly, people are being resuscitated successfully, sometimes hours after they first died. So this week we toe the line between life and death, learn lessons from those who survived without oxygen for hours, discover how we could live immortally as robots, and hear about a very special type of cryo-ambulance to prep you for long term storage. Plus, news that the Dutch have grown nearly a foot taller in 2 centuries, what your fingers say about your marathon prospects, and the secret language of gibbons...

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  • 00:57 - Gibbon calls decoded

    Want to learn to speak gibbon? Their "hoo-hoo" calls have been 'translated' and the results are pretty interesting...

  • 06:10 - Finger lengths predict marathon times

    Running a marathon anytime soon? The length of your fingers could predict how fast you'll be able to complete it...

  • 12:00 - Why are the Dutch so tall?

    The Dutch are the tallest nation in the world, having grown a 20cm in the last 200 years. How did they reach such great heights?

  • 17:08 - Digging up hominids with archaeologists

    Palaeo-anthropologists in South Africa are inviting tourists to watch them at work excavating a new species of human ancestor...

  • 24:03 - What is death?

    How do we decide when someone is dead? Do we look at the heart or the brain, and do we need to redefine it?

  • 29:11 - Back from the dead

    Two-year-old Michelle Funk was trapped under the ice for over an hour without oxygen. She made a full recovery, but how was this possible?



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