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Mon, 27th Apr 2015

Game on! The Science of Video Games

An 8-bit videogame enemy (c)

This week, the science at play in an industry that dwarfs both Hollywood and the music world: computer games. We hear how video games are altering the brains of players, why lovers of the shoot-em-up could be carving out a niche for themselves in the military, and whether adrenaline-fuelled sessions on a console can be addictive. Plus, why you might need a DNA test before going on holiday in future, evidence that bees are attracted by insecticides, and how colour can affect your body clock...

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  • 27:33 - Making video games

    How do you go about making a video game? And how has the industry evolved since the 1980s?

  • 32:25 - Why do we like video games?

    What is it about video games that so many people love? And are they inherently addictive?



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