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Mon, 11th May 2015

Safety at 40,000 Feet

Plane (c) Flickr - Jeff Kubina

This week, endoscopies for jet engines, how the aviation industry could have us cruising for an infectious bruising, the workings of radar, and whether cheap flights actually cost the Earth. Plus, in the news, why doctors could soon be culturing your cancer, the evolution of music, Messenger smashes into Mercury, and do you want to know if your DNA spells trouble for your future health?

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  • How do aeroplane black boxes work?

    I keep hearing on the news about the search for the lost Malaysian aeroplane and the fact that its "black box" will soon run out of battery power so that it won't be able to send out any more "beeps" that are needed to locate the plane's wreckage. So how do black boxes work a...



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