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Mon, 1st Jun 2015

Dark Matter: A Massive Mystery

Under the Milky Way (c) Luis Calçada

Are we on the verge of solving one of the longest standing puzzles in physics? Physicists think we’re close to discovering the identity of Dark Matter, the mysterious, invisible substance that accounts for nearly a quarter of the mass of Universe. So how will scientists see it, and why does its discovery matter? Plus, genes for pain, how smartphones can save lives, whether babies can feel pain, and how to make tastier cheese...

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  • 19:27 - Can babies feel pain?

    Opinions on whether babies can feel pain have been divided but new research suggests they might be able to...

  • 24:51 - What is the Universe made of?

    Dark matter makes up a quarter of our universe but we don't know what is it! Scientists could be about to change all that...

  • 43:38 - The end of darkness?

    Scientists have been looking for dark matter for nearly 100 years, but why does finding it matter?

  • 49:08 - Could I land on a gassy planet like Jupiter?

    I've heard before that gas giants have no true surface. If you were visit one, would you sink in to the core, or would the mass on the surface" allow you to penetrate but only so far?



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The study of the origin, evolution and make-up of the universe has made dramatic and surprising advances over the last decades John E. Carlstrom, Professor at the University of Chicago and the deputy director of the UCSB Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, describes new measurements being carried out with the 10-m South Pole Telescope to test the inflation theory of the origin of the Universe and to investigate the nature of dark energy. (#24126) Pecos_Bill, Tue, 2nd Jun 2015

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