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Mon, 8th Jun 2015

Behind Blood Donation

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For World Blood Day we've been delving into the history of blood letting, getting stuck into blood donation and exploring exciting new possibilities for making blood that's safe for everyone. Plus, a new test to reveal every virus infection you’ve ever had, the LHC fires up again after a two year shut down, and a new weapon in the fight against Ebola...

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  • 00:58 - Firing up the Large Hadron Collider

    The LHC is back up and running after almost 2 years of maintenance. Why did it take so long to turn it back on?

  • 05:17 - The Higgs Boson Song

    What does science sound like? Sonification can turn data measurements, from experiments like CERN's, into music...

  • 33:48 - Donating blood

    When we donate blood, what are we actually giving away and how?

  • 40:32 - Making all blood universal

    A new technique to convert any blood group into a form compatible with all other blood groups is being developed by Canadian scientists...



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fantastic! i do appreciate the transcript. Now i can enjoy fascinating science stories while learning english. stronglee, Thu, 11th Jun 2015

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