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Mon, 15th Jun 2015

What does Falling into a Black Hole Feel Like?

Artists concept of a quasar (c) NASA

What's the point of mosquitoes? Do your eyes pop out if left open when sneezing? Is the Universe infinitely big? Are birds really related to dinosaurs? What is quantum entanglement? If the space station is held in orbit by gravity, why do things float about inside it? Why does hayfever make your eyes itch? Can animals forecast earthquakes? And do fish get thirsty? Find out in this week's show where you're in the driving seat asking us the questions...

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  • 05:18 - Is the Universe infinitely big?

    Is there scientific proof that space is boundless? Matter and energy as we observe them are finite. The Universe we can see apparently began with the big bang so time as we know it had a beginning and is therefore bounded on one end at least. So is space infinite?

  • 08:13 - Are chickens and dinosaurs related?

    Can you please explain the relation between chickens and dinosaurs?

  • 09:03 - Science of the Big Bang Theory

    TV show the Big Bang Theory centres around the lives of scientists, but what science are they actually doing?

  • 11:51 - Why do things float on the space station?

    If gravity holds the space station in orbit then why is it 0g inside? If gravity can hold the space station in orbit, than why does the supposedly from space tele- visit always shown as 0g. Wouldn't gravity be present in an orbiting body? Even minutely! the why don't the inter...

  • 24:36 - What is quantum entanglement?

    In Quantum Entanglement, exactly how are the objects linked together? What force or energy connects them?

  • 26:08 - How does light change speed?

    We know that light is composed of photons that move at 300,000 km per second in a vacuum. If I shine a light though a 5cm sheet of glass, it will slow down and also heat up the glass as it passes through. As it leaves the glass, it then speeds up again, Now where does the energy ...

  • 33:58 - Good morning Philae

    The Philae lander, deployed onto the surface of comet 67-P-Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014, has begun to to send back data...

  • 35:38 - How did insects evolve?

    Insects seem to be SO different from other species that I find it hard to imagine they evolved from the sea. There is talk and evidence of Earth being seeded by asteroids and comets etc. Is it feasible that insects are direct result of alien life forms rather than of evolution fr...

  • 37:15 - Do fish get thirsty?

    Do they actually have a thirst reflex, or does the fish's body automatically regulate the amount of fluid it retains and uses for bodily function as opposed to the amount it uses to breathe?

  • 39:48 - Would my weight change if I ate a burger while standing on some scales?

    If I stood on weighing scales while holding a big juicy burger would my total weight change if I ate the burger? I always thought I'd get lighter but I can't reason why.



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