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Mon, 6th Jul 2015

BOOM! The Bang behind the bomb, and how to stop it

Explosion (c) Andrew Kuznetsov

Things get a little dangerous as we don our body armour and head out into the battlefield. How do explosives work and what can we do to protect against them? We take a sneak peek at AnUBIS, a device that uses donated human body parts to help to understand the injuries an explosion can cause, and we investigate bomb-proof materials that could also be used in sports. Plus, in the news, why antibiotics at an early age might make you fat, the comet with a cave inside, and why you shouldn't marry your cousin...

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  • 14:25 - The comet with a cave inside

    Clusters of pits observed on the surface of comet 67P-Churyumov-Gerasimenko by the Rosetta probe hint at a hollow interior

  • 20:08 - Low genetic diversity leads to low IQ

    People who inherit the same versions of certain genes from their mum and their dad are likely to be shorter and do less well at school...

  • 23:58 - Women redden around ovulation

    Its not just embarrassment or blushing that makes a lady redden: women also become subtly redder when they are ovulating...

  • 29:02 - What is an explosive?

    Explosives have been used for over 1000 years, but what makes an explosive and how do they work?

  • 48:16 - Designing better body armour

    Body armour is a key weapon in the fight against explosives and can be made from all kinds of materials from ceramics to spider silk.

  • 53:33 - What is the most expensive element on Earth?

    What's the most expensive element on Earth? I'm reasonably sure it's not gold, maybe platinum or palladium. Still love your show - the best! John Gamel



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