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Mon, 13th Jul 2015

Make it Digital!

Enter the Matrix (c)  David Asch - Flickr

This week, broadcasting live from the centre of Cambridge, the Naked Scientists delve into the digital age we live in. We look at new, exciting ways to get kids into coding, how big data is changing the world of healthcare, and we take to skies to go drone racing. But what are the problems we face in this technological age? We find out who is using our online data, and explore the dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi...

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  • 15:03 - Recreating a computer from history

    EDSAC is one of the mos important computers in British history, and is currently being recreated in a Cambridge garage...

  • 21:45 - Introducing the BBC micro:bit

    This year the BBC micro:bit computer will be given out free to every 11 year old in Britain, to encourage them to learn to code.



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