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Mon, 20th Jul 2015

The Seven Million Dollar Maths Mystery

Maths (c) Torley

This week, we're investigating the Millennium Prize Problems - a set of mathematical equations that, if solved, will not only nab the lucky winner a million, but also revolutionise the world. Plus, the headlines from the world of science and technology, including why screams are so alarming, how fat fish help the human fight against flab, and what's the future of money?

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  • 10:49 - Fat fish may help us lose weight

    A binge-eating fish in Mexico shares a genetic mutation found in obese people but unlike humans, these fish stay healthy. How do they do it?

  • 15:15 - What's the future of money?

    You can pay for your shopping using your iPhone, thanks to Apple Pay! How is this and tech like it changing the way we manage our money?

  • 49:04 - How much wheat to make a loaf of bread?

    I make my own bread using a breadmaker. I am also a keen countryside walker. When I see a wheat field I often wonder what area of a field does it take to make enough flour for a large wholemeal loaf?



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