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Mon, 3rd Aug 2015

Meet Your Sex Hormones

Sex scrabble (c) Jonathan Rolande -

Hormones are the driving force behind reproduction and are what make us keen to go make babies. We follow some of these hormones to hear how they have an influence from birth to death, and also the unexpected consequences they have on society, including causing the stock market to crash. Plus what Philae has revealed about comet 67-P it landed on, how the bugs in your guts might be making you moody, and the key to keeping hamsters happy...

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  • 10:06 - Are your gut bugs making you moody?

    You might think its the weather getting you down, but could bacteria be to blame for some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety?

  • 15:22 - Inside the T. rex tooth

    A little digging has revealed there's more to some dinosaurs' teeth than meets the eye...

  • 47:01 - Oxytocin: the Moral Molecule

    Could the hormone associated with breast feeding and mother-baby bonding also be responsible for our feelings of morality and empathy?

  • 52:39 - What are wormholes?

    What are wormholes and how are they created in the universe?



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