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Mon, 17th Aug 2015

The Yuck Factor: Why we find things disgusting

Cockroach (c) PublicDomainPictures

We delve into the disgusting to discover the emotion of disgust and how it affects our lives. From cockroaches dipped in juice to the importance of sanitation, no topic is off limits as we find out about the psychology of this most powerful of emotions and its applications. Plus, in the news, a universal flu therapy, why zebras have stripes, and the robot that can jump on water.

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  • 10:33 - The secrets of stalagmites revealed

    Rock formations can give clues about the climate in the past, but until now, we could only guess at how these changes affected people.

  • 15:44 - Robots that jump on water

    Jumping on water is a difficult feat, but by copying pond skaters, researchers have developed a robot that can manage it.

  • 20:34 - Why the zebras got its stripes

    Zebras' stripes make it difficult for predators to catch them- or that's what we thought before new research suggested otherwise...

  • 26:02 - What is disgust?

    We all know the feeling that disgust brings with it, but what exactly is disgust, and why have we evolved it?

  • 47:10 - Talking about toilets

    More people have access to a mobile phone than to a proper toilet, but there are researchers working to change this.

  • 53:47 - Where are we in the Universe?

    It was only during the enlightenment that it was established that the Earth was not at the centre of the Universe. And only decades since we discovered other galaxies and of our location within the Milky Way. We have since discovered galaxy clusters, the acceleration of the expan...



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