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Sat, 22nd Aug 2015

Truth and Beauty: The Hidden World of Symmetry

Mean Green Machine (c) Evan

On the face of it, symmetry may seem simple, but diving beneath the surface reveals a whole new world. Over the last 100 years, the mathematical idea of symmetry has proved to be a guiding light for the world of physics. But what does a mathematician mean by symmetry? How does this link in with the world around us? And could it be the key to the mysterious 'Theory of Everything'? Plus, in the news, a new MRI-based cancer treatment, zero-emission highways and the curious case of Whistled Turkish.

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  • 20:54 - Whistle while you talk

    Whistled Turkish is an intriguing both for its unusual form and for its ways of being processed in the brain, new research reveals...

  • 26:50 - The sex appeal of symmetry

    Symmetry in faces is often linked with attractiveness, but why is this the case?

  • 45:37 - One theory to rule them all

    What is a 'Theory of Everything' and do we have a chance of finding one?

  • 52:21 - Why does music sound happy or sad?

    Why does a minor key sound mournful and a major happy? Are the intervals of a minor scale more similar to the intervals of someone sobbing/crying? And the intervals of a major more similar to laughing? Would we be saddened by a minor key if we had never heard music before? Wh...



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Make a comment Thank you! So, did the people from this island come from this Turkish town!?! Tell the professor, that there is this other group that whistle... Regina Faresin, Tue, 25th Aug 2015

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