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Mon, 7th Sep 2015

Hands-on, Minds Open: The Changing Face of Science

Science in the classroom (c) Open Source

This week we’re asking whether scientists and technologists are in short supply, and how the way that we teach science in schools is changing: some classrooms are pumping out published papers! Plus, in the news, a 2 metre-long scorpion, seabirds with stomachs stuffed with plastic, and the facts behind fat - is butter really all that bad for you?

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  • 19:02 - Giant sea scorpion discovered

    This beast is not only the largest of its kind found to date, but also the oldest, roaming the oceans 460 million years ago...

  • 23:12 - How is science education changing?

    For most, science is defined by textbook assignments, but this is set to change. Will 15-year olds soon be publishing peer-reviewed papers?

  • 29:29 - Pi in the sky thinking

    Pupils will soon be sending mini-computers up onto the borders of space to collect data for their own analysis...

  • 35:24 - Students get swabbing for bacteria

    Students go in search of microrganisms to find out which species grow on what buildings - research that has never been done before...

  • 41:31 - Is there a shortage of scientists?

    Despite the media storm, evidence suggests there may not be a shortage of STEM scientists, so why does the debate continue to bubble?

  • 47:13 - Seeing science differently

    Aged 10, Amy published her school project in a scientific journal and it changed her entire life...



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