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Mon, 14th Sep 2015

Climate Change: Making Waves?

Ocean view from La Jolla (c) Sarah Castor-Perry

Climate change - and concerns about rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - are often in the headlines. However, looking back in the history of the earth, it's clear that this isn't the first time carbon dioxide levels have risen. So why should we worry now? We delve into the past to explore the effects climate change can have on the oceans and how that, in turn, can impact the climate. Plus, in the news, a new species of early human ancestor, the scientist who’s jumping the Hubble queue with a helium balloon, and why humans are hard-wired for laziness...

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  • 00:55 - Introducing Homo naledi

    The discovery of a new species of human ancestor, called Homo naledi, has been unveiled by scientists in South Africa...

  • 12:24 - 3D bar codes to fight fakery

    Fakes cost economies billions, but this could be about to change with the development of a 3D bar code.

  • 18:24 - Using balloons to see Dark Matter

    Scientists are preparing to launch a helium balloon with a telescope attached to detect Dark Matter.

  • 23:22 - Born to be lazy!

    We humans are wired for laziness! Unconsciously, we alter the way that we move to minimise the number of calories burned.

  • 53:54 - Why do we make mistakes in repetitive tasks?

    Why with repetitive tasks do we make mistakes? For example, put the plastic clothes pegs in the black bucket and the wooden clothes pegs in the red bucket. That is plastic - black : wooden - red. For the first 27 you are okay and then you put a plastic clothes peg in the red b...



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