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Tue, 3rd Nov 2015

Electric Cars: Pollution Solution?

Activists gather to demand clean air as Edinburgh Air Pollution Zone to be expanded. (c) Friends of the Earth Scotland

London and many other European cities face the prospect of a £300 million penalty every year over bad air. Engineers say part of the solution lies with electric transport, so this week the Naked Scientists are getting under the hoods of a new generation of vehicles ranging from the first electric buses to tomorrow’s supercars. Plus, news about how scientists are making objects levitate in the lab - with sound - and why there are now 3 types of "type 2" diabetes...

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  • 26:52 - Is city air bad for your health?

    Just how safe is the air we breath? With a pollution montior, we hit the streets to see what we're inhaling and how bad it is for our health

  • 33:11 - Are electric cars up to scratch?

    When you take into account everything, from construction to battery recycling, are electric cars any greener?



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