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Tue, 10th Nov 2015

Do squirrels ever forget where they hid their nuts?

Squirrel  (c)

The Naked Scientists join forces with some guest experts to tackle your science questions head-on. Do squirrels ever lose their nuts? Is cracking your knuckles bad for you? And could your gut bacteria turn you to crime? Plus, a look at this week's science news.

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  • 18:23 - Has there been new water created since the world began?

    I have heard that no new water has been created since the world began. Could you tell me if that is true?

  • 20:26 - Could bacteria affect criminal behaviour?

    I have just read Dr Claire Asher's article about parasites controlling the mind. If swabs were taken at the houses of criminals, I wonder if we would find a pattern of types of bacteria which might inflence the criminal behaviour, either directly or indirectly. I am thinking dus...

  • 40:07 - Tomorrow's Engineers Week

    Tomorrow's Engineers Week aims to inspire the next generation of engineers.

  • 42:17 - Why do I wake up before I need to?

    I wake up most mornings around 6am, but don't have to get ready for work until 8am. During the two hours I lie in bed, trying to sleep, but it isn't until around 7.50am (or later) that I start to fall into a deep sleep. Is there an actual biological reason?



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