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Tue, 17th Nov 2015

Big Data, Big Deal?

Binary (c)

More pieces of data have been produced in the last five years than in all of human history put together before then. But what’s driving this big data revelation? We’ll discover what opportunities it opens up, and we'll uncover the pitfalls we might be facing. Plus, news that scientists uncover the first water on Earth, and we talk to the team who raced a solar powered car 3,000 kilometres across Australia...

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  • 00:54 - Radio-powered optogenetic brain implant

    A tiny wireless brain implant powered by radio waves that uses light to control nerve cells has been developed by scientists in the US...

  • 06:29 - Earth's first water found

    Water on the earth is easy to spot but there is also a lot beneath the surface and some of this is very very old.

  • 29:32 - Big data just got bigger

    The Square Kilometre Array show's just how big data can get and the challenges that come with it.

  • 35:14 - Using DNA to store big data

    When we save something on the cloud where is it actually kept and how much energy is needed to keep it there?



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