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Tue, 1st Dec 2015

Fighting Floods: Who Gets Hit?

Flood (c)

Extreme weather events are becoming more common, and sea levels are set to rise. So could we be about to find ourselves in very deep water? This week we're exploring how to spot where and when floods will occur, and how to avert disaster. Plus, in the news, a GM mosquito to fight malaria, what really killed the dinosaurs, and general relativity 100 years on...

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  • 00:49 - GM mosquitoes fight malaria

    A new GM mosquito that prevents the spread of malaria has been unveiled by scientists this week.

  • 06:41 - Computers that know your mood

    Would you want your laptop to try to cheer you up on a sad day? New technology allows software to recognise emotions.

  • 32:58 - The "augmented reality sandpit"

    How do we know which areas will be hit worse in heavy rainfall? Cutting edge computing can give us a glimpse of the future.

  • 40:01 - The human cost of flooding

    When your home is flooded what are the risks, and why are developing countries hit harder and more often?



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