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Tue, 8th Dec 2015

Music Technology: Do or Die?

Broken cassette (c)

How will you be receiving your presents this year - a CD, a voucher for iTunes or maybe even a Spotify membership? In 2014, streaming services made more money than CD sales for the first time ever and that trend is continuing. But itís not just the distribution of music that is changing; how musicians make music is also evolving rapidly. This week, we explore the influence of technology on one of mankind's oldest traditions - the art of music making. Plus in the news, the global response to climate change, the mystery of missing starlings and how delightful really is that red sky at night?

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  • 19:30 - Launching e-LISA the gravity spotter

    Gravitational waves were predicted by Einstein's theory of general relativity but they have never been detected... But that may soon change!

  • 24:32 - Abbey Road, where startups start

    Abbey Road studio has a history in music technology but now it's getting back involved with a hub for startups, but why now?

  • 28:44 - 20 second music maker

    Choose your mood and style, set your tempo, 20 seconds later this machine will give you a song, completely unique, never heard before.

  • 35:05 - Computers takes on producers

    How easy is it to get a machine to do the job of a human producer?



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