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Tue, 29th Dec 2015

Top Scientific Moments of 2015

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Remember that time that Ginny made Kat eat chocolate spread from a nappy? Or when Georgia broke the drone? It's the end of 2015 and what a year it's been for science! Whilst Chris and Kat take a well deserved break, producers Connie Orbach and Graihagh Jackson have hijacked the show to take you through all their favourite bits of the last 12 months...

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  • 01:25 - The beginning of everything?

    This year we tackled some pretty big questions, like when Graihagh Jackson asked, when did time begin?

  • 08:21 - Eggcellent Easter fun

    Everyone enjoys an experiment. That's particularly true of Georgia Mills when she got Chris Smith to walk on eggshells.

  • 34:44 - How do we view the Kuiper Belt?

    The Kuiper Belt is a cloud of dust that is home to Pluto, but what else do we know about it?

  • 41:32 - Mad for Mars

    In October we spent a whole month planning our Naked Scientists trip to Mars, here's a snapshot of what we got up to.



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