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Tue, 5th Jan 2016

Do You Have Skinny Genes?

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With the New Year, there's often a resolution or two to make a new you. But what makes you, you? Given that we share over 99.9% of our genes with each other, there's a lot of variety in that 0.01%, especially when it comes to fitness. Is it just your genes or is there something else at play? In this edition of The Naked Scientists, Graihagh Jackson goes in search of sixpack abs...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 00:55 - What makes you, you?

    Take a look around you, no two people are alike. Even within ourselves, we're always changing but just how much can we adapt?

  • 12:53 - DNA decoded... with singing

    What's the difference between DNA, genes and a chromosone? No, this isn't some terrible science joke...

  • 15:55 - Why humans are so different

    We share almost all of our genes yet, we are totally different. Even siblings are very different, so what determines your genetic recipe?

  • 25:05 - Reshaping your genetic destiny

    If genes aren't the only factor in fitness, what other forces might be shaping who we are? Could we therefore control our genes?

  • 33:36 - How do we evolve?

    When it comes to flies, scientists can measure changes in DNA and in theory, we could use the same method to see if humans are evolving...

  • 44:24 - Will mankind ever stop evolving?

    To answer this question, we turn to horses. Why? Until recently, scientists thought they had reached a genetic limit when it came to speed



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