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Tue, 19th Jan 2016

The Hidden World of Hibernation

Hibernating Chipmunk  (c) Michael Himbeault

Does midwinter make you want to eat all the food in your fridge, curl up in a duvet and sleep until spring? You’re not alone, many plants and animals feel the same way, but you might not be so keen when we tell you just what it would do to your body! Snuggle down as we explore the world of hibernation and how it might be used to help humans. Plus, in the news: detoxing debunked and the miracle of the microbiome.

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  • 01:00 - Will you wake up during an operation?

    Scientists have discovered a unique brainwave pattern that can signal when a person has been effectively anaesthetised.

  • 06:52 - Detoxing debunked

    So we've all eaten and drunk too much over Christmas, it's probably time to detox. But is it really possible?

  • 11:57 - Faeces-friendly fibre

    Those of us with western diets are missing some diversity in our gut bacteria. What might have caused this, and could trans-poo-sions help?

  • 19:08 - Super-bright supernova

    What caused the biggest explosion astronomers have ever seen? The evidence points to the cataclysmic death of a star.

  • 32:15 - Plants hibernate too!

    It's often forgotten that plants are also hibernators, but without nerves to sense, how to they know when to change their behaviour?

  • 39:04 - Dismantling brain cells

    What can hibernators teach us about neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimers?



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