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Tue, 9th Feb 2016

Caffeine: Friend or Foe?

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Caffeine is one of the only legal psychoactive stimulants but is it good or bad for our health? This week, the Naked Scientists are delving into the science to find out. Plus, the latest on Zika virus, bed bugs get their genomes sequenced, and will going out with wet hair give you pneumonia?

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  • 09:21 - Don't let the bed bugs bite

    Bed bugs are spreading across the world and fast. However, they're becoming increasingly resistant to treatment...

  • 14:29 - Will wet hair give you a cold?

    Kat Arney been peeking out from under her brolly to tackle another mythconception. This week, will going out with wet hair give you a cold?

  • 29:06 - The history of the hot stuff

    Did you know the Brits drank coffee before tea? That not enough grounds were grounds for divorce? Or that goats discovered it?

  • 30:57 - From bean to cup: the perfect brew

    How do you get from a coffee bean to a nice cup of java? We picked some fruit and followed the process, from bean to cup...



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