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Tue, 23rd Feb 2016

Could The Internet Die?

Network Error (c)

From why spicy isn't a taste, to how long it takes a comet to form, we've gone in search of the answers to the questions you've been sending in. We investigate whether the Internet is immune to a breakdown, if a person dreams under anaesthetic, why days are divided into 24 hours, and could an explosive stop a storm? Plus, news of a new cancer therapy that's got everyone talking, and how to recycle wasted energy...

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  • 01:25 - Why do unconscious people feel heavier?

    My 8 year old weighs 22kgs; I am am able to pick her up and carry her very easily. However after falling asleep in front of the telly, when taking her to bed, I am convinced she weighs 50 kilos! Why is this? Am I being lazy and just complaining for no reason?

  • 03:52 - Could the internet die?

    How long will it be before the internet dies? I know that sounds unanswerable, but we have probabilistic formulas to look at (say) the chance of extraterrestrial life, so it ought to be possible to make a similar model for something like this, which will have a series of "known u...

  • 05:49 - Why do we get more nose hair as we get older?

    As we get old why do hairs grow down our nostrils?

  • 09:36 - Could we terraform Venus?

    Terraforming we always talk about Mars. This would entail enormous inputs of time, money and resources. But why not Venus, with its gravity the same as ours and plenty of Co2 for oxygen and water formation? The 450deg Centigrade and 90 times pressure would, of course, be a negati...

  • 12:29 - Ground breaking cancer treament

    A groudbreaking cancer "cure" has been all over the news, but should we be jumping up and down just yet?

  • 15:28 - Would immunotherapy work for other cancers?

    A question in regards to your discussion on the new cancer treatment. My son has bilateral retinoblastoma it is a genetic type. The chances of secondary cancer is high. How would this treatment work in a case where cancer forms at different times? How would it effect the fact...

  • 16:47 - Where did gravitational waves come from?

    How do they know where the gravitational waves came from? because everyone has said oh, itís these two black holes twiddling round each other about a billion light years away and the gravitational waves came across space. They were out there somewhere, they came in and we detec...

  • 19:19 - Could we dissipate a tornado with a rocket?

    Tornadoes like the devestating one in Oklahama feed on their own energy - wind force. Can we dissipate or disturb that one-directional force by sending an explosive device e.g. a rocket, by whatever means, into the tornado ? With today's sophisticated technology such as drones,...

  • 21:53 - How does chronic stress affect the body?

    I was recently exposed to a lengthy bout of corporate stress, creating stress hormone build-up in my body and eventual illness. This takes a good while to correct itself and I was quite ignorant of it all until I became debilitated, unable to work and burnt out. Can you please ex...

  • 25:27 - How do we store solar and wind energy?

    How do we store solar and wind energy?

  • 36:12 - Why do we have handedness?

    Why aren't all human beings ambidextrous? Is there an evolutionary advantage to handedness?

  • 39:02 - Is dementia on the rise?

    I work in a care home, we see lots of slow deterioration in people's memory, causing confusion. Is dementia on the rise or is it just we're diagnosing people better?



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