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Tue, 1st Mar 2016

Gravitational Waves: Discovery of the Decade?

Man in the universe (c) Geralt

This week, the discovery rocking the world of physics: gravitational waves! But what are they, and why are they set to change how we see the Universe in the future? Plus we take a look at the week’s leading science breakthroughs, including a new way to see heart attacks before they happen, fighting superbugs with door knobs, and is there such a thing as being right- or left-brained?

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  • 21:20 - Coral catastophe?

    The Great Barrier Reef is in worst state that previously thought and fingers are pointing to ocean acidification...

  • 27:38 - What were Einstein's predictions?

    Einstein predicted gravitational waves a century ago with the publication of his theory of general relativity. But what inspired him?

  • 55:31 - Why do mosquitoes prefer some people?

    Why do mosquitoes prefer certain people over others. When I enjoy a glass of wine on the back verandah with a friend - the mossies head straight for my wrists and ankles, while the leave my friend alone. Even when I cover myself in insect repellent, they buzz around searching for...



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